Have done this repai many times.   Did you rod the stone?  You must lay it upside down on a completely flat surface and dry fit it to make sure it fits together without the lip

On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 6:49 AM Joseph Walsh <littlefete01@msn.com> wrote:
Good morning. I have a question , Has anyone ever put a piece of broken marble that has been broke completely in half  back together and it has lined up perfect on one half but the other half show lip?? 

You lay it on the floor and there is no particles or debris underneath to offset the difference. You slide the pieces back together and one part locks in place and the other side is raised. 

My question is : The part that is raised, Can that be the material  is starting to fracture from the inside but has not penetrated all the way through?? the material is 1.5 inch thick by 24"w by 6' long. the part that broke off is 28" and it was standing up right when broke so the top piece fell forward.

Any thoughts would be great. 


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