Good Morning Debbie,
Still waiting for the camera ready art work for the advertising in Tucson Lifestyle.  I also want to tell you that the work order and some other forms still show Las Vegas Phone number and not the preferred Tucson number of (520) 399-5611 cellular, (520)-760-1200 Office and Fax of (520) 760-1201.
Thank you

Debbie Shaw <> wrote:
Hi All,
If you haven't already please check out your listing(s) on
If you have not returned your Statement of Professional Integrity (stating that you are a legal company with a committment to professional integrity and you have all the licensing mandated by law), please do so immediately so there is no lapse in your listing.
FYI. I spoke with Maurizio Bertoli this weekend and asked him to refer people to . I assured him he could do so and give a disclaimer reminding people to check out any contractor before having them do any work. A lot of people ask him who to go to in the forums he frequents as well as is now listed and linked in quite a few places and we're working on a lot more. I'm about to get a new press release out, too. Each of you is listed in numerous places as well.
Remember, you can be linked on all parallel or lower level pages and you can be listed in multiple states if you are close to a border and work in more than one state.
If you have territory protection it only means we will refer all leads we get directly to the person in that designated territory and we will not take on another pro in the same discipline with a base in the same designated territory. You are not limited in any way from working in any area as you see fit.
Please, PLEASE send in Q&A's for the Knowledge Base. It helps the user, but it REALLY helps you.
Call me if you have any questions.
(202) 558-6735 

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