Mike, I totally agree with you …… a few weeks ago one of the building products reps had a class at a local tile retailer. All of the installers were invited to attend a free stone restoration class with free food, product samples, and more.  At the class they showed installers how to polish travertine using Reviver. Every call I get now for travertine the customer has a piece of highly polished travertine. I will NOT change the finish on any stone unless the customer specifically request it and they sign a waiver.


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VMC used to have a fluid, an amber colored resin of some sort sold in a metal can, (part of the Coor-Cleaver system from Spain) which would fill pores and allow a polish on something which normally would not allow a polish. I used it a long time ago on a botticino and it really evened it out. I looked on the website and did not see it… You should call them. I know it would help even out the fill but not make it totally 100% consistent. You just need to find something to fill in the pores. What about a liquid wax? Then buff with a white pad with some (unfolded) 000 steel wool.    


Any other restoration person who does not back you up with the customer is a total kook. You should print this thread and bring it into the customer…


Also, not ALL travertine is meant to be polished. I hear of restoration guys going around “polishing” travertine, as if it were poor quality and needs to be made right. That’s nonsense. Most travertine these days is supposed to be a high hone, that is the current design trend. If  it is processed this way then the fill does not jump out at you if it is not shiny, it blends right in. We should be restoring floors, not changing them unless it is specifically what the customer wants.


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There is no fix at this point and no do not put any type of topical selaer or finish on that stone it will only make matters worse.


The only thing to do if they do not like the polish finish with the dull spots is to hone it at a 400 or 800.


We grind ALOT of travertine and take to polish and each and every time I take in my sample board where one has holes filled with polyester and one filled with what we use which is ns grout/travertine dust/latex/acrylic so they can clearly see the difference and if they want the polyester fills then I charge accordingly which honestly is double it is very time consuming and expensive to fill say 2000ft of travertine that has just been ground flat.


Sorry there is no easy answer as for them calling around bad mouthing your company that is just wrong, there is nothing anyone else could have done that would make those fills shine (other than using polyester) that is just part of having travertine.


The only thing I can tell you going forward is show them the difference on a sample piece like we have and like others said get it in writing.


Good luck

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I have faced this same issue. Almost exact scenario on Tuesday. I have tried clear nail polish even but it wears off. I do not have an answer for you. It is just as frustrating trying to maintain the grout color. Good luck

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I recently polished a travertine floor from lippage removal to completion.  At the end of the contract the client was unpleased with the fact the that holes in the travertine were matt finish and the tile was highly polished. I had explained this beforehand but of course clients visualize differently than we do. So I also did a sample which she accepted but now that it’s all done , she doesn’t like the two tone  effect as she feels it looks dirty. 


I have gotten paid but she is still not satisfied, faced in this situation, what have you done, other than

-trying to recut and do it with epoxy fill

-honing it down to a more mat finish, to not make the traverfill stand out s much?




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