I have restored corian before using diamond before, don’t go too low with your grits usually 400, 800 will repair the damage, if it has a high gloss finish go higher, 3m rubbing compound ( 1500  1800 grit liquid works well)  with a buffing wheel. This can be purchased at your local Car paint and body shop store.


If you need more assistance let me know



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I just bid a mid sized travertine restoration where the customer has a mud room counter and cast in basin she uses to wash the dog,it is made from the newer upgrade material from corian,made by Dupont cant remember the name,Can I remove scratches and refinish with resin diamond pads??? the material was very expensive however its still plastic.Anyone ever try this??? seems like 400-800-1800 should do it

Thanks in advance for any advice    "Big Blessings"    Scott Wilson/ Wilson Stonework's Inc


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