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The same way it can be polished, it can be honed.  There are honing powders that come in various grit sizes to actually give you the desired results.  


Because you will hone it I would also suggest you then impregnate it so it’s doesn’t collect soil, because you will increase its porosity.  It’s a very hard material so it might take some time, if you have trouble than try cleaning it with the phosphoric  acid first to open the glaze and then hone it, you might find that quicker than just trying to hone it.


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 I need some advice , I looked at a laminated porcelain floor at a dealership that the cleaning crew used a solution that had phosphoric acid in it and looks like a etch all over some of the tiles (like a spill pattern). I have polished a few laminated porcelain tiles to give them a high polished look when the installer mess up but can these be honed with powder to give a uniform look? The etch is minor but after cleaning it slowly collects soil and darkens quicker then the rest. These are 18x18 tiles honed finish.


 Thanks Phil


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