I had a similar problem in my own home.  I installed a French drain around my house and one down the middle of my yard deep enough to catch the water before it had a chance to hit the footings. I have not had a problem since.


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Hi everybody!  I hope every one is doing well.  I wanted to pick your brains if I may.

I have a customer who has a water issue.  They have a basement and have twice had contractors to water proof it from the outside of the house (this is what they tell me). Then another contractor went in and installed a sump pump.  Then another went in and used a black sealer paint and then painted white on top of that.  But the concrete block walls are still very moist and have some efflorescence and the floor is really bad especially when it rains and the sump pump doesn't seem to be able to keep up with all the moisture.  They also have a dehumidifier. 

Would it make sense to make a canal type of situation around the expansion joints and maybe make weep holes around the floor? 

I was thinking that they could use one of those basement systems but have heard that molds and mildew can still grow behind the walls.  Is there anybody in here who can offer some advice for this customer?  He used about 2 gallons of bleach (nearly choking to death from the fumes) to treat the mildew and molds.  This is a house that is a year old and they want to use this basement are as a wine cellar but want to make sure there isn't a constant moisture issue or mold and mildew issue.

Thanks all! 

Georgia Rivera
Stone Buff

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