This one is going  to be good- I can’t wait to see all the replies and I will add – all are probably very good ideas, depends on your skill and what the client’s expectations are.



Get carbide grit screens and try simply sand the sealer and dirt off. It is sold in various grits. You can probably rent one from a local shop, it also has a vacuum attachment so no mess.  But the client will have to accept a slightly rounded edge on the tiles and wood.


If , like some of my clients, want a flat floor, then you may not have a choice to do it as you said, but I have done stone insertions laid as your photo with wood inlays.   I made certain the voids between the wood and travertine were filled.  You  then concentrate on the travertine, do a first pass with your preferred diamonds to clean off the film, on travertine I like baby rocks, they are a circular abrasive formation metal bond.  Be sure to have someone close to pick up the water fast concentrating on the joints of the wood inlays.   And you just grind as you normally wood, trying to avoid the wood, but don’t make a headache from it.  Once your done completely to the desired grit you let it all dry, may take a few days, check with a moisture meter.

      The wood should lift in some areas, Then complete the work using the carbide grit screens to get the wood down to the travertine floor finishing at the desired grit.


Then all can be resealed and wood varnished as desired


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I got a client who just built a new home. They installed 1100 sq ft of travertine combined with wood trim (see photo).  They bought the materials through or from Direct Buy and used Direct Buy’s installation contractor.  Anyway …… the installer didn’t have a clue they used a sponge to  apply Aqua Mix Enrich N Seal and never cleaned up the residue. According to the home owner the installer never cleaned the floor and they can see grout and dirt under the sealer/enhancer as well as foot prints. The owner wants the floor fixed ………. Any ideas on how to work around the wood trim, pricing, ect ? I was thinking about having the wood trim and baseboards removed. The trim has sealer/enhancer on it and I think it would cost less to replace the trim than pay me to work around it. I’ll probably have to level, fill and hone the floor. I was thinking about skipping from area - area with a 13 “ Hawk or would  a DS 301 Planetary Polisher be more effective? Any ideas on pricing ?  Thanks in advance for any help …..




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