Any pictures??? This would help to determine what needs or can be done. If you have any pictures please send.


Next question, how old is the floor?


How old is the replacement tiles ?


The film on the stone from the crystallizer many be that the polish never was totally polished in??


Was the floor sealed prior to  trying to crystallize it??


If you can send pictures and answer these questions , perhaps I can shed some light on these questions



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We are currently polishing a floor ST Marktm.  There have been tile replacement and you can dramatically see what was restored in the past compared to the manufacturers finish.  Originally the floor on  a lower level was grinded and polished.  Later a few tiles were changed.  The difference is staggering.  The manufactured product looks like a flat piece of glass, the grinded material looks like its warped, opened veins, pores etc.  This looks to me like the perfect bad effect of having a resigned stone.  Looks great initially but the moment you try to maintain it , you get in trouble.


One floor on two levels, top and bottom



lippage free, except for certain areas which were changed

Finish High Shine

Sealed Using Enhancer pro DuPont

Certain areas polished  floor using Nilfisk Crystallizer, more clarity achieved but floor now looks greasy





Has Lippage (never grinded)

Sealed using Enhancer pro from DuPont

Polished maintained using polishing powders

Also tried  polishing  floor using Nilfisk Crystallizer, more clarity achieved but floor now looks greasy


I have tried polishing it, but the color faded,

We the proceeded to enhance it, looked better

The crystallizer really brought out the clarity

But now it looks like a film is on the surface




What can you share about your St Mark experiences




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