The only way I have found this to mark is with the se of solvents such as acetone or methylene Chloride.  These are commonly used in shops to clean the dust off the surface.  In a home, what woman use to clean their nails


Acid won’t affect it


Taking care of it might be an issue but as well as an opportunity for all us.


Talk to your local supply shop -  see if they have a representative who will do the work, if not then offer to be there Tradesman rep for the area.


Silesstone -  do have reps

Cease stone - do not


I have been in conversations with both these companies as they are the dominant ones in our city and both have told me that  if we, as tradesman touch the surfaces, we will void the clients warranty.


I am hoping to strike a deal with one of these companies, once that’s established, then through John’s  school, I am certain we can all get the proper training to handle these stones while will be In need in the close future.


Upon reflection though, being a small operator like yourself I find it difficult to make such deals. Perhaps John, Debbie or Doc, you could make this possible for all of us to be accredited Quarts counter polishers.




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Subject: [sccpartners] quartz countertop


Hi all. I just came across a polished quartz countertop that had 2 3 dull spots. I did a vinager test and it did nothing so its not etch marks . What could it be and how would I take care of the problem?

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