Anthony is correct I would only add that sometimes if the water is hard it can cause the granite to spall. If this is the case it is going to be very difficult to repair and the customer may not want to pay for the repair which could cost as much as replacing the granite

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 11:27 PM, <> wrote:

Hi Stuart

And Giorgia

Normally , in the homes we do, they have the fancy “Italian” faucets



This means each handles has a small top (size of a dime) or cover which can be removed simply by unscrewing it.


You will then see the inside of the handle which should show a small screw, usually flat head, remove the screw and the handle can be lifted

You then have the flange, or cover which also simply unscrews.


The result will be the hot and cold spindle, which on a good quality faucet is fastened by two nuts, one under the counter and one over.


You don’t have to remove anything else at this point, unless you’re experienced or a plumber. But you can without the fancy trim have access to the counter, it won’t be 100% but when you put all the hardware back, it will hide the slight portion you could not reach.


-If the granite is honed, probably with a little honing powder and your done.  

-If its high shine, then you simply have to do all the steps


Normally though, granite wont etch ust with water, youmight want to start with a razor balde to see if its not just a hard water accumulation.


Again though its a question of cost, before you take this one make sure you tell the customer it might be an hours operation or could very well take you half a day. And if the granite turns out to be doctored, you might have a hard time to get it back at all.




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I'll tell you I have heard that black granite can be tough.  You can use the Stonecare PRO Signature ENHANCE & SEAL Color Enhancing Sealer (16 oz.) to darken the color.  I would suggest having the customer get a plumber to remove the fixtures first so you can have full access to all the areas of the granite in case you need to try different approaches.  (We never remove or replace the fixtures just because of liability issues.  That is up to you.)

Hope this helps.
Georgia Rivera
Stone Buff

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 6:02 PM, Stuart Young <> wrote:

I just looked at a small granite slab in a bathroom vanity. The granite is discolored around the hot and cold water fixtures.  It looks like water marks. It feels etched. The granite is lighter in color in those areas.  How can we remove these marks and prevent further discoloration?

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