Thank you John.
I was told this is happening to the whole floor but only the whites are affected not the black tiles. I thought maybe the white tiles
had a rougher surface than the blacks and was just holding the soil in the features on the face of the tile.The client did tell me the whites have gray stains or marks.Could that be an indication that the glaze is degrading.
We will suggest the cleaning process with some fine abrasive and see what comes.
Thanks again 

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This is an interesting picture of the white tile.  My first comment would be it looks like something has been spilled on the tile and stained the tile the color of the materials spilled. I would try the following:


1.       Clean the tile with a alkaline based cleaner,

2.       Vac up the cleaning materials

3.       Clean a second time using a neutral cleaner .


Hopefully this would clean up the mess.


If that does not work then use the same process but use an acid based cleaner in place of the  alkaline cleaner.


While scrubbing this area you may want to add an mild abrasive to your cleaners. You may find a product like soft scrub will take care of the problem. It’s not likely it penetrated through the glazed finish.



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The problem that is happening with the white tiles is that they are staining and discoloring.

Does anyone know what this is or could be.I havent seen this in person yet only seen this pic.Is there a remedy?

Stu Rosen
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Stu Rosen
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