I have been trying to get my brochures complete and just hit ANOTHER snag which was due to the Photoshoping of some images. I told my graphic designer there would be a problem and he did not agree, unfortunately the print shop did…  The problem is that If you take an image and increase the DPI you are still working with a finite amount of pixels. Increasing the dpi size X 4 will at the same time decrease the pixel quality X 4. So it becomes moot. Therefore it is VERY important to shoot the photos in High Res if you ever want to use these for print.  I never knew this and always shot in a small file size for computer storage and web, now I am screwed as all my best photos, almost all of my HUGE file are not acceptable for print. Trying to make these brochures has been a real headache…


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Hi All,


We have an opportunity to purchase a number of full version Photoshop CS4 (latest version) for an incredible price. However, we need a minimum commitment from our Partners before we agree to it.


Photoshop is the professional program used to edit photos. You can resize, change dpi, crop, do amazing creative things if you're so inclined, combine photos, add your logo or text to photos, and so much more. It's what we use and graphic design studios, printers, etc. use. (This is the program you want to use to resize things like your logo without losing quality...)


The program retails for $699.00. The student version sells for $299.00. We found some on EBay for around $200.00 but you take risks. These are unopened full versions. Our cost for each is $180. (These are PC versions).


We have a limited number of them, so please CALL (877) 715.5313 option 1 if you want to commit to one.


As soon as we have the minimum number of commitments, we'll buy the lot and ship 'em out.


Please do not REPLY, but rather CALL.   (877) 715.5313 option 1




StonePRO Solutions
(877) 715-5313

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