We do not have much time to commit to the Photoshop offer. If you are interested we need to know by tomorrow morning or we will not be able to do it at all. (We aren't in a position to tie up a lot of money in software inventory.) If we're going to take advantage of this opportunity we need a minimum commitment. We do have a few that have committed and some have verbally committed but unless we have a full commitment from at least 12 people we will miss out on this opportunity. If you know anyone who would be able to use the latest full version of Photoshop CS4 let them know this is available to them at the same rate we have offered to our partners in order to reach our minimum commitment.

To commit to order your copy please contact me at (877) 715 – 5313 (option 2)

 If you have any questions please call right away.

Troy Lewis

Partner Support

StonePRO Solutions

ph#: (888) 452-0988




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