I am just getting started in this busines but in the past two yeasrs, the best commercial networking I have done is going into tile stores and fabricators and itroducing myself. The first referrals i got were the run of the mill "problem" situations that noone in the store really wants to deal with. I went and worked on these jobs and solved the cuztomers problem and all aof a sudden I became a valuable resource to the store. Great learning experience for me and a resource for the vendor. You can also incorporate breakfast demos for the staff of the store to educate them about what it is they are selling which will make you a greater resource and friend (everybody likes food). Maurizio used to say that these sales people will sell you what is shiney or what is popular but they dont have a clue about the stone or anything about its proper application. This is where you can be of service.
Its a win/win. You halp them and they help build your business.
Tile & Specialty Stone Care