If it were me I would do the grinding and polishing after the installation. This would take care of any lippage and give your client a flatter floor. You can pre polish a few tiles ahead of time for the installer to place in some of the corner areas to save you the headache of trying to polish in a 90 deg inside corner. Then you can blend your floor into these strategically place ones. Walk the job and get with the installer if possible to work this out.



From: Lorne Greenberg [mailto:lorne@fabracleenstoneandtilecare.com]
Sent: Saturday, August 08, 2009 7:04 AM
To: Restoration and Maintenance
Subject: [sccpartners] polishing tiles


I need some advice about polishing tiles.  A client ordered the tiles honed but was now thinking they wanted it polished.  The tile company gave me 2 tiles to test that were similar, one polished up after 1 step, the other after 3.  The question I have is that if they accept our bid, they want the 1900 sf of 16” tiles to be polished before they are installed.  Do I have to do these 1 at a time to prevent any breaking, or is there a way to lay them out and do it that way?

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