Last week we did a stone job for a client of ours. When we finished the job she showed me her paver driveway which appeared to be stained brown and the paver themselves were very dark like they had been color enhanced. Anyway she told me she had someone seal the pavers with a solvent based sealer. I used acetone and a brush and was able to strip the product off and return the paver to its original color.She was thrilled!
I wasnt that excited and wished I had left sooner. Another stripping job!
I cant strip 2000 sq ft with acetone. The joints are filled with a colored sand that I believe caused the staining in the first place,
Does anyone know a product that could be used with minimal agitation and could be sucked up into a vaccum cleaner safely.
I would probably test a few strippers and cure removers before committing but I just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts.
The acetone worked very quickly. I wonder if the product ever cured properly.

Stu Rosen
"A posse ad esse "