if it is in face engineered stone you want to be very careful with metal bond diamonds. I would start with a resin bond and just work it longer. Be careful cause you can easy burn the stone

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 5:36 PM, Stone and Tile PROS <> wrote:
Hi Guys
[Scott Wilson asked the following question but it was sent to me instead of the group. Just in case you didn't see it from when I forwarded it earlier, here is his question again.]
Yesterday i looked at a large master bath floor of polished 12 x 12 , it appears to be some sort of engineered marble containing crema marfil. Recently the cleaning lady spilled vinegar water used for window washing and left it to dry,There is a perfect etched  area where the water sat and the etching is deep enough to feel

However: the etching is consistant on the entire area, it is the same on the areas of stone i know to be marble, as the areas i suspect to be engineered,Also lippage is fairly extensive and the floor will require grinding with metal discs
Dose anyone have any experence with this kind of stone?
can i use 70 grit metal and polish with resin or combination resin / powder?
thanks in advance for any help you guys can give
"Big Blessings"  Scott Wilson      Wilson Stoneworks Inc

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