its hard to tell if its silcone or not, but place some water on the grout and see if it absorbs,,if it doesnt it is sealed. try striping first with a good stripper and retest. 

On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 2:17 AM, Stone & Grout Meister <> wrote:
I'm getting ready to clean and seal about 400 sq ft of ceramic floor tile. The grout appears to have a sealer on it, in some areas the sealer has broken down. I think the sealer is a silicone base. Is their a quick and easy way to determine if it is a silicone sealer? How long does a silicone sealer last under normal foot traffic in a residential setting using the proper cleaning products compared to a penetrating sealer? Could a fluoropolymer penetrating sealer be applied to the grout without stripping the silicone sealer? Does anyone know of a silicone sealer that I could buy off the shelf at a big box store? Thanks......

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