Thanks Dr. Fred ……. I cleaned a small area in the kitchen and living area with an mild alkaline cleaner and a nylon brush. I could clearly see where the cleaner was penetrating into the grout. Not sure if it’s just a bad seal job or wear. The grout feels like there is a topical sealer on it of some sort, it has rubber like feel. The last time I stripped a silicone grout sealer I had to use Methylene Chloride, is there a another safer stripper that will remove silicone? I don’t think the owner is willing to pay to have the grout stripped, but I’m looking at all the options. I’m consistently reading on the web that silicone sealers need to be reapplied every 6 – 12 months, is that true? I don’t want to do something the homeowner is going to be unhappy with.




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its hard to tell if its silcone or not, but place some water on the grout and see if it absorbs,,if it doesnt it is sealed. try striping first with a good stripper and retest. 

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I'm getting ready to clean and seal about 400 sq ft of ceramic floor tile. The grout appears to have a sealer on it, in some areas the sealer has broken down. I think the sealer is a silicone base. Is their a quick and easy way to determine if it is a silicone sealer? How long does a silicone sealer last under normal foot traffic in a residential setting using the proper cleaning products compared to a penetrating sealer? Could a fluoropolymer penetrating sealer be applied to the grout without stripping the silicone sealer? Does anyone know of a silicone sealer that I could buy off the shelf at a big box store? Thanks......

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