Hi Guys,
Before we send out an announcement to the world, we want to make sure our own guys have first grab at courses being offered when the classes are very limited in size.
Many of you have been asking when Michael Meyer's Top Polishing class would be. Well, it's now! He is teaching a full on stone restoration class immediately followed by his Top Polishing class. If you don't know Michael, he's the one that even Maurizio Bertoli enthusiastically acknowledges as being a top polishing expert.
Following is the course description. As always, our Partners get 10% discount.
By the way Jim Cuviello is offering his concrete polishing courses too and extends the same discount to our Partners. If you want to check out his courses, go to www.concretepolishing101.com
TP 201 Top Polishing

Good, qualified stone restoration professionals are hard to find. Top polishing pros are even more rare, yet the demand for this lucrative service is high.

This class is given by Michael Meyer, known by all in the industry as Michael 'Stonehenge.' Michael has a well earned reputation as being 'the' top polishing expert, even amongst the gurus in the stone restoration industry.

Michael has structured this two day intensive hands-on course to fully prepare the student to add top polishing to their services. In this class you will be presented with the essential, information that is foundational to becoming a top polishing expert. It will cover the ins and outs of top polishing and give ample time with hands-on practice. Michael will also recommend tools, products, etc. that he has personally found to be the best to work with and present bidding and marketing tips specific for this niche field.

This course will cover the following topics.

  1. Artistic multicolor chip repair
  2. Scratch repairs
  3. Powder polishing for simple to complex minerals
  4. Poulticing procedures
  5. Resined material compensation
  6. Seam polishing
  7. Mineral identification
  8. Quick repairs
  9. Client expectations
  10. Networking with your local fabricator and other great lead sources

Class size is kept small to maximize the student's experience, so don't wait to register!

Debbie Shaw
StonePro Solutions
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