I looked over the site, the only marble they mention is the cream color, all the rest they call it Granite.  It looks like a honed finish from the picture.  But if it left multiple etches it sort of contradictory to everything granite is, unless they dropped something like toilet bowl cleaner on it.

The other issue is the price making me believe this is a Chinese  product and they are strong at dying their tops. If the top you are referring to is black or blue it might be the die that was affected with this unknown cleaning product


You have to make sure its marble or granite , bring a little stone acid, what you use to clean the grout with and make a test to see if it reacts.


Polish it as you would a marble or granite floor, same methods.


As for the seam where they join, I am not certain I followed, but if you mean that it was affected right up to the crack and can’t really get to it, maybe you can finish it with a fine silicone line.






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I looked at a vanity purchased from Max Furniture http://www.maxfurniture.com/Quick+Ship+Vanities+Click+Here/3340/147-114-5221.asp . About a week after installing the vanity one of the family cleaned the vanity top with an unknown product that left multiple etch marks on the surface. I’ve polished marble floors but not a vanity top. The top doesn’t have a marble like finish, the finish is similar to polished Corian. How do you polish the joint where the back-splash and vanity top joins ? Will a felt pad work ?





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