Are you sure this is a marble surface??? I looked at the countertop on the attached link and this looks very similar to an engineered stone. if this is an engineered stone it may not be an etch mark but marks left from other products that attacked the resins in the engineered stone. 


If this is a marble you can probably achieve the finish using a honing powder to blend the finishes.





From: Stone & Grout Meister []
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Subject: [sccpartners] Polishing Marble Vanity Top


I looked at a vanity purchased from Max Furniture . About a week after installing the vanity one of the family cleaned the vanity top with an unknown product that left multiple etch marks on the surface. I’ve polished marble floors but not a vanity top. The top doesn’t have a marble like finish, the finish is similar to polished Corian. How do you polish the joint where the back-splash and vanity top joins ? Will a felt pad work ?





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