Hi everyone,

I have been looking into getting my vehicles wrapped for advertising.  Since Alex used to install vinyl wraps back in the day I wanted to look for a company that would print and provide the wrap with quality and not charge me the usual $40 per square foot.  I found this company in California (who do they have affiliate people all over the area to help with install at an additional price if you need help with installation).  They use 3M materials and are a professional printer.  They charge $6.00 per square foot for the printing and the materials.  They will send you a digital design friendly mock up of your vehicle for designing your wrap and will provide you with a free estimate over the phone or via e-mail. 

I like the guy and the company and felt this was a great deal and wanted to share it with any of you who might be looking for an inexpensive way to get advertising on your vehicles. 

The company is Master Media.  The man's name is Dale.  His number is 951-684-3111.