I wonder what would happenmed if  you just bleached the floor with a floor scrubber then?   Talk about openning a can of worms! I have my reservations on a lot of things
-clients often say things that are not accurate.
-did the installer seal the floor with enough bulletproof initially
-how good is this bulletproof product really?

This is a great answer for the DR . I am a prince at finding solutions for any stone problems but the chemical compositions are outside my expertise but I have a real interest in this answer. I have had a mountain of issues with the chemical products Dr Fred , we give you center stage.   

Sent Antonio Masecchia

On 2009-09-26, at 12:53 PM, "Jason Francis" <jfrancis@protocolfloorcare.com> wrote:

Ok I need some input on this one fellas.......


Hand picked honed turkish white limestone floor in upscale home. Installed one year ago. Customer sees dirt in grout and decides to use straight bleach(yeah I know) on grout lines. He ends up with 2" clean borders around the grout lines on the entire floor. The stone appears dirty and the area around the grout actually looks good. It is now very evident the stone is very soiled. Customer says has only been using nuetral to clean. It was initially sealed with stone tech bulletproof.


My approach is to go in with high alkaline cleaner(Stone Tech Klenz All)  and use a high pressure(up to 1200 psi) spinner tool to clean floor. This makes a big difference but the whiteness on the edges are still there. . There are tiny holes in the stone where dirt has collected. I am baffled because it is rare for my spinner to not get all dirt up. I ask again if sealer has been used as it seems to me it is sealer that is in the small holes. He assures me no sealer has been used except at install.


My next step is to use honing powder. It does nothing. I quickly used stripper. It does nothing. I resort to using diamond resins 100 up and it fixes the problem and matches the edges. An entire day wasted as now the customer realizes the best fix is to hone the floor. the customer wants to pursue litigation(architect and GC) as the floor needs honing now only after a year. Customer feels something improper was done initially...sealing etc.


 HERES MY QUESTION......on my way out he shows me he has been using Stone Tech Revitalizer twice a week. The label says it is a cleaner AND a sealer. It says it has an acrylic copolymer. In my mind it seems like THIS product used this often is what filled the tiny holes. What do you think? How can a product be recommended for stone that is a cleaner AND sealer? Maybe it is only showing because the stone is white. Stone Tech product info gives no info whatsoever on using too often...it makes it seem almost like a daily cleaner.


Anyone think I'm right about this product?






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