Instead of using diamonds use honing powders. You can get honing powders from a 60 grit up to 1200 and even higher if needed.


Before you take this job, let the customer know the floor was grouted improperly and therefore you cannot guarantee all the scratched will be removed due to the use of the sanded grout, but most will be removed. Be sure to state this in your contract.


If you get this job I would proceed the following way:


1.       First using a black scrub brush I would do a good scrub over the floor , this will help break the loose sanded grout loose before you start honing.

2.       Then I would start with a 120 or 220 grit honing powder depending upon the damage in the stone. Do a test to see what grit will remove the damage.

3.       Then hone the entire floor using honing powders up to  the grit you normally would stop at, if it’s a light colored stone you should be able to stop at 400 then polish, if it’s  a dark colored stone then hone up to a 800 then polish.

4.       Polish the floor with 5X Powder and your done unless you are going to apply a sealer.


Use a tan pad when working with the powders and use a separate for each different grit, this will eliminate lower grit powder remaining in the pad when you move up to the next grit. Use a permanent marker and mark the pad with the grit used and keep the pad for future use.


This should take care of the problem, and leave very few scratches behind.


John Freitag

The Stone and Tile School




From: Roger Konarski []
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I looked @ a job of a newly installed polished mosaic marble floor. They used sanded grout. The floor was etched slightly when they used vinegar to clean off the grout film. The real problem is that the small tiles have a lot of scratches. In the past I have had no problem restoring marble floors with sanded grout. But this floor is not 12X12 tiles.  Can I restore this floor without having the grout replaced with unsand grout? I thought of using my 13 inch floor machine, starting with 120 grit diamonds. The reason for using my 13 inch floor machine is that I’ve been told that a smaller diameter floor pad is less likely to leave picture framing. I do place a white pad between the machine and diamonds. . After 800 polish with polishing powder. I normally use 5X, but I’m concerned about 5X impacting the color of sanded grout. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please see attached photo.


Roger Konarski

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