Yes the color can be brought back... however, some more details would be helpful... such as "what did you use to remove the paint?" Is this a "real brick" and what I mean is some bricks are actually stained with pigment verses fired color all the way through.
One of the best solutions is to use a penetrating color enhancing sealer..., but as is with all sealers, a test should be conducted in a small area first. This type of sealer will knock down the washed out looks and as long as it is not a "stained brick" the enhancer should bring back the color (Also is a sealer too so it will assist in keeping brick maintained....However, it has been my experience that with more harsh conditions, whether that be weather or cleaning chemicals, it may be necessary to touch up in the spring.
Be careful if someone recommends a "topical sealer" as these are coatings which will add color but will not last very long, especially after winters or excessive moisture conditions
I do offer two types of enhancing sealers... feel free to give my cell phone a call to discuss details.
Have a good day,

Tim Connelly
Director of Operations
San Diego Stone Care
Cell: 760.585.5406

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Anyone have some input for this person?

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Our front porch contains brick. It had some paint stains which I removed and now the brick is dull. Do you have a product that will bring the color back to the brick and can withstand the winter conditions?
Thanks for your help

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