Hi Group!

I was in a casual conversation with a customer who mentioned their granite floors at their office building.  I took a look and the overall appearance looks great.  Looks like Santa Cecilia Granite.  There are a few tiles that have cracks and need to be repaired.  There is quite a bit of lippage and they told me that they really want it flatter because s couple of people have had a trip issue and there are several tiles that have chipped where the lippage is higher..  So I start telling them about lippage removal.  However, I didn't give any quotes just yet because I had it in the back of my head that I would have to charge at least $10 a sq. ft. is that right?  We're talking about 3000 sq ft., grind flat, hone, polish to a gloss finish.  Alex told me that grinding granite is much harder than marble and the granite will not necessarilly come out as flat as marble would and that I should charge at least $18.00 per sq ft.

What are your thoughts?