grinding granite is not fun with a swing machine, especially 3000 sq feet. I would diffently go with a planatary machine or even one of the large propane machines. If you have one of these machines you can easliy to the work for under 10 per foot.

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You may not even want to consider  the job unless you have some large planetary machines,I have found that you can grind granite with swing machines, but it takes forever,and ever,and ever, even with planetary bad lippage grinding, hone, and polish avgerages about 350 sq ft per day,As far as making flat, planetary machines will make granite as flat as a marble restoration , it just takes a whole lot longer.Im think im in Dr Fred's camp when i say i wouldn't. consider  this job for less than $20.00 and I would ask $25, Hope this helps !!  " Big Blessings"   Scott Wilson    WilsonStonework's Inc.
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Hi Group!

I was in a casual conversation with a customer who mentioned their granite floors at their office building.  I took a look and the overall appearance looks great.  Looks like Santa Cecilia Granite.  There are a few tiles that have cracks and need to be repaired.  There is quite a bit of lippage and they told me that they really want it flatter because s couple of people have had a trip issue and there are several tiles that have chipped where the lippage is higher..  So I start telling them about lippage removal.  However, I didn't give any quotes just yet because I had it in the back of my head that I would have to charge at least $10 a sq. ft. is that right?  We're talking about 3000 sq ft., grind flat, hone, polish to a gloss finish.  Alex told me that grinding granite is much harder than marble and the granite will not necessarilly come out as flat as marble would and that I should charge at least $18.00 per sq ft.

What are your thoughts?

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