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First  question is how heavy ie the crystallizer on the floor, is there a build up on it or does it appear to only been crystallized once or twice? Is this a residential customer or a commercial customer ? if it’s a commercial customer you may see more build up of crystallizer.


To remove the etch , depending upon how deep the etch is will determine what you need to do. if it’s a light etch you may be able crystallize the etch mark out.

If not then do the following

1.       If needed hone the etch mark depending upon the color of the stone you should not need to go any higher than a 400 unless it’s a black then got to 800

2.       Use 5X or other polishing powders , I prefer the 5X on jobs like this. Polish the etched area.

3.       Then if the finish does not match then use a light application of crystallizer, the key to using crystallizers is not to over apply them this is where people get themselves  in trouble.

4.       Clean up any Steel wool and your done.


Caution if you hone the floor and the rest of the floor has some scratches in it your honed and polished finish will look better than the rest of the floor. This would be a good time to up sell the entire job to a hone and polish.


The life on most crystallizers is about 1 year, always make sure you shake any crystallizer very well prior to using it. The one you have had for 5 years is probably not any good.


Hope this helps



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I would appreciate input on a problem. I need to remove a wine etch marble on a marble floor. Simple enough, but this floor has a coating.  I may be wrong, but it appears that it is crystallized.  I have no experience working with crystallized floor. Perhaps the etch mark will come out with 5X. If not, I assume the steps would to hone the area say up to 220 to 1800, and then crystallize the area. Would that be the correct procedure? Also does anyone know the shelf life of crystallizer? I have spray bottle of the stuff I about 5 years ago. Would that stuff still be viable? I will 1st test this in a hidden area.

See attached picture!




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