Isn't cultured marble molded polyester resin?
From: Majestic Stoneworks
To: Restoration and Maintenance
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 1:21 PM
Subject: [sccpartners] cultured green marble

Thank you everyone for providing feedback and advice on how to handle green marble. 
After applying the advice I received, we have determined that even though the homeowner insisted it was real marble, the counters do not react like genuine marble and we have determined it is cultured marble (looks just like serpentine).  Can anyone offer advice on how to get a shine on serpentine looking cultured marble.
Thank you again for your help and feedback.
Ray Jones
Majestic Stoneworks
623-580-8895 offc
602-570-9821 cell
623-580-8897 fax

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