Hi Don;

I tried them for about six weeks, then canceled. Mostly price shoppers. All contractors are to call the lead sent to them as soon as they get the message, the request is sent to you, and about 3-5 other competitors in your area. Usually when I would call… soon as I got the message, I’d  hear “wow I just sent the request for a bid and I have received 4 calls in a matter of minutes.” A lot of the contractors will give a lower than usual prices, just to make some money on the service magic investment. I do better in the local phone book and referrals.



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Hi Don,

Good to hear from you after our top polishing class.  I have been using Service Magic since last November.  I use them for Tile, grout,marble and also for wood floor refinishing.  I have received 22 leads in the last month, of which only 4 are under clean, grout, polish and maintain tile, stone or marble (or repair ceramic or porcelain tile).  All the rest are wood floor restoration jobs.  You have to do some qualifying upfront on the phone to avoid running around. The other problem is that a lot of people are price shoppers and i haven't quite nailed down the best way to protect against people shopping my bid.  Am also wondering if there are other contractor sites that are worth while.  Some guy called me from everycontractor.com today, but they seemed more interested in my credit card than my business.  I have heard that contractor.com might be worthwhile.  Service magic is mainly residential (although we did get a large church wood floor restoration out of it).  I will say that the service magic support team is extremely helpful and the system is well organized. 




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Are any of you using service magic? if so are you having any luck with it ?
Don Kasch
Floor Restoration Specialists

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