Hi All,
Quick question / comment regarding our SCC Partners discussion board...
I set the Reply default to [reply to sender] rather than [reply to group] because a couple of people inadvertently sent an email to the group instead of the person they intended to get the message. However, for the most part, when you post your comments in response to a message to the group, it should be seen by the group and be grouped in that thread, don't you think?
Also, we have also set up an archive that each of you can access (see the bottom of each of the messages you get from the group) to view all past messages and threads. I think it would be good to have all the messages that pertained to each thread all retrievable in the archive. If we set the default [reply to] to the individual sender, only that person getting the email will get the message and they won't be included in the archive.
I think I will go ahead and change the default back to [reply to group]. What I think each of you should do is include your email address in your signature. That way if someone wants to reply to you separately they can, (by clicking on your email address) but otherwise when they hit 'reply' the message will go to the group.
By the way, there is a Digest option to receive one email per day from the group that includes all the messages rather than get a message every time someone sends a message out.
This will be a vital tool for all of you, so even though there may be a little bit of getting used to it, it will be worth it. I promise. 
Debbie Shaw