First how large is large? ¼ inch, ½ inch or more?


There is 3 ways to fix this .


1.       If the area is large over ½ inch you could purchase terrazzo chip  and fill the gaps with that using Portland cement and a concrete dye to match the existing  terrazzo


If you elect to go this route then you will need to make the opening large enough so the marble chips will fit into the hole, are the chip in the existing terrazzo  #0 #1 #2 or larger. This you will need to know prior to ordering. Hopefully there are small chip #0 and #1 .


If this is the case then  take Portland Cement for and dye to match your current base, when mixing you need to use 90% latex additive and only a small amount of water. Then add you chips, and mix the cement base and the chips together.

Then fill the area , when filling the area you need to slightly over fill the area so you can grind it flat once it cures.

After the hole is filled then take some terrazzo chip on spread on top and using an object that you can roll with roll these loose chips into the hole this will make sure you have the proper amount of chip in the repair once you grind it.

On cement based terrazzo allow it to cure for 24 to 36 hour depending upon the depth of the fill.


Then use a medium to coure grinding wheel and start grinding until you are flat with the existing floor.

Then run up the rest of your grits until you are ready to polish or seal.


If during the honing process small hole open up you will then need to mix up a grout material of Portland Cement anhd the dye color grout the floor and let it cure for 24 hour , hone off the excess and then polish or seal.



2.       If the hole  are not too large then you could mix up a polyester fill ( Akemi K-Bond Etc.) and add the color and make the fill one color.

You could also add terrazzo chips to the polyester fill and then grind them off once cured.


3.       The third way would be to mix up Portland cement add the dye and fill the hole with a solid color, some will say you can use grout the color of the base. This will work but I recommend if you go this way then be sure to mix the filling materials with a latex additive 90 %

Keep in mind when using latex additive the pot life of the product is shorten



Hope this helps

John E. Freitag


The Stone and Tile School

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Good morning group,

I hope all is well. I have a question about terrazzo.  This is a cement based terrazzo, dark in color and the area I am wondering about is too dark to take a photo.  It is in a bar where the sodas drip on the floor.  After a while the terrazzo floor has several large gaps in it because of the acids of the drinks.  What would be the best thing to do to fill in these holes?

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