Epoxy will also work well...DO NOT use polyester fill since it will break down under water.

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 6:51 PM, Mike Marsoun <nulifesc@bigpond.com> wrote:

Yep, and shatter the edges so it is not a perfect circle, then it will look more natural.


From: Roger Konarski [mailto:qm144@yahoo.com]
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To: Restoration and Maintenance
Subject: RE: [sccpartners] Material to use when filling a hole in a travertine sink


For a wet environment, use an acrylic knife grade and tint. 

--- On Thu, 3/4/10, Barry Raduta <barry@diamondstoneandtilecare.com> wrote:

From: Barry Raduta <barry@diamondstoneandtilecare.com>
Subject: [sccpartners] Material to use when filling a hole in a travertine sink
To: "Restoration and Maintenance" <sccpartners@stoneandtilepros.com>
Date: Thursday, March 4, 2010, 3:48 PM

hi folks,

this is my first posting/ question so be gentle with me.  i have a manufacturer of travertine sinks who sold a sink to someone in the Philly area and the sink has a hole in it ( .25 - .5 inch big ).  she is trying to avoid having the sink deinstalled and reinstalling a new one and wants me or someone to fix it.i need to know if anyone knows about a travertine hole filling material that will work on this sink (must hold water).  i am open to any/ all suggestions.  thanks.......barry

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