this is an epoxy terrazzo floor restored with a sustainable polishing method..NO CHEMICALS where used.
here is another

Ill be discussing this method in an upcoming seminar as well as my inspection class.

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I always approach epoxy terrazzo the same as cement based terrazzo. In most cases the terrazzo installer diamond grinds the floor up to 80 to 120 grit. In many cases they are using diamond plug in their equipment. These diamond are usually most aggressive than the diamond we use in the restoration business.


The process I use on terrazzo both cement based and epoxy are listed below.

1.       If floor is coated with a wax or terrazzo sealer I strip the floor using a goo d alkaline based stripper.

2.       If the floor has never been in a natural polished condition, I start with a 50 grit resin diamond, this will guarantee to remove any scratch patterns left behind from the installers.

3.       I continue to hone up to 400 or 800 depending upon the color of the terrazzo. If the terrazzo is a light color I stop at 400, if the stone is black or green or dark colors I stop at 800

4.       I then polish the floor with 5X polishing powders

5.       Then depending upon the finish I want I may do light application of crystallization ( which is an approved method of polishing from the Terrazzo Institute )


on cement based terrazzo you can do another process.

1.       Strip the floor if necessary.

2.       Diamond grind from 50 to 220

3.       Apply a concrete densifier pour on terrazzo and gkeep the surface wet for 45 minutes, then vac off the excess.

4.       Apply a thin application of the densifer using a finish mop , do not leave any excess on the surface.

5.        Allow the mopped on densifier over night

6.       Hone 400,800  

7.       Then crystallize the finish the floor and the cement will both polish and the shine and finish will be outstanding     


If you need additional information , please advise

John E. Freitag


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Hi All,

Have to do a epoxy terrazzo job next week. Curious as to what are some of the techniques used by others.

We find a starting point with diamonds and go wet to 3500g on our lavina, clean it up and call it a day( or in some cases a couple of days!)

Any info would be great.

Stu Rosen
"A posse ad esse "

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