Cleaning slate is need on regular bases, just as any other stone there are pores within the stone that will trap dirt and needs to be cleaned. Regarding sealing of slate depending upon the finish the customer wants there are several sealers you can use.

1.       Impregnating Sealer

2.       Color Enhancing Sealer

3.       Stone Loc  which is a topical seal  BUT allows the stone to breath, this product can deliver a mat to a gloss finish.



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From: Roger Konarski []
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010 12:18 AM
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Subject: [sccpartners] Cleaning and Sealing Slate.



I get request to clean and seal slate. My question does slate really needs to be sealed? The slate is always a dark color so it normally does not look dirty.  I really don’t see the need for cleaning it the same as I would a dirty limestone floor.  What are your thoughts?



Roger Konarski

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