Hi everyone.
Now that I am a master of the Universe, since my last email, on buffing and sanding corian (have been diligently experimenting with scotch brite pads, sanding discs, marble honing powders and rubbing compound), I now have a crack and chip situation.  The chip is on the underside of the edge (see picture below).  The crack is on the top and is just a split.  I have been researching and what I have come up with is 1.  Dupont telling me that they will not sell me the glue unless I am a certified Corian fabricator, 2. There is a guy in New York at Art Specialties that might sell me some glue (I pried that out of the the Dupont person) but it only comes in 4 colors and is not appropriate for filling chips (so they say), There is a website - Solidsurface.com - that will sell glues, but there is little explanation on the site as to the consistency of the glue (appears to be an epoxy made by either integra or plexus).  Also, i think that filling a surface crack is probably not a big deal, but a chip on the underside of the lip is a little different as the glue will not hold in place to fill the chip and is not knife grade.  Best bet, I would think, would be to saw out the chipped piece and glue in a section of similar color, but then the color matching might get tricky.  Otherwise, perhaps mold a piece and glue in place somehow.  Any Ideas?  I may have to punt to a corian fabricator, but it seems like the kind of thing that would be worthwhile pursuing. 
chip in corian.jpg

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