Hi Don:


How to fix the crack?


I use a dremel with a grout removal bit,  notch a tiny V-Cut right in the line of the crack. And fill with your chosen filler. This has worked great for me.


How much to charge?


 Example: I charge for my time on these, my minimum  I like to make $100.00 per hr . Also I will base it on the fact I  am there doing the floor restoration. Just say  25ft may take  2 man  hrs. I would charge $200.00.


Hope this help


Cleaning Edge


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I am bidding on a travertine cleaning, polish, repair and  have approximatly 25 ft of crack in a light travertine, some of which is very tight and over the years has collected dirt to aplify it exsistance. A lot of the crack has seperated enough to make a repair easy. Any suggestions on repairing /opening the tight areas to allow filler in? How much are you getting for this type of repair?

Don Kasch
Floor Restoration Specialists

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