If the floor was crystallized this has nothing to do with the restoration process, the pictures are showing a floor that is worn and needs to be restored. I would start with a 220 diamond , especially if you are using the StoneCare Central triple thick diamonds, these will remove the damage I see in this floor. Just be sure to spend enough time to remove the damage. If I recall you attended one of my first lecture class where we talked about timing your ginding and honing process. Are you using a timer on your machine to determine the time needed to hone the stone. if you are not using a timing process I would highly recommend you attending one of my classes where we teach the exact time need to hone floors, and the time needed to polish floors.


The timing process also helps you bid jobs  because you know the exact time it take to hone and polish.



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From: Roger Konarski []
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Subject: [sccpartners] Crystallized


If a floor is crystallized, must it be leveled 1st to be restored.  I’m looking at a job that was crystallized last time it was restored. See the attached picture. My thoughts are that the tiles are oversized. Looking at the floor the tiles are pretty worn and really do not show signs of being crystallized. My thoughts are to start with 120 under white pad, if needed to go lower. Would appreciate any advice.


Roger Konarski

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