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If a floor is over crystallized meaning month after month after month of crystallization you may have trouble starting with a 220 hone, however from the pictures I see no signs of over crystallization let along real any signs of crystallization, that going to give you any problems.


In fact if you have the correct times for  honing, and use Stonecare Centrals 5X powders I would say you could do this floor with a 220 diamond and polish. If you doughty this process call some of my students and they will tell you how they learned to hone at 220 and polish, where in the past they were doing 120, 220 & 400 and in some cases higher before polishing.

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If it is crystalized you might have a hard time breaking thru the surface crust with 220 resins.

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Did customer tell you that it was crystallized or there are signs somewhere that tells it was. Just curious.


If there are no big scratches I would start with 220 for 4 minutes and then go to 120 if necessary.

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If a floor is crystallized, must it be leveled 1st to be restored.  I’m looking at a job that was crystallized last time it was restored. See the attached picture. My thoughts are that the tiles are oversized. Looking at the floor the tiles are pretty worn and really do not show signs of being crystallized. My thoughts are to start with 120 under white pad, if needed to go lower. Would appreciate any advice.


Roger Konarski