Save some or a lot of time! Use your floor machine. I have a 12 inch that I use on a lot of larger tops. But until I got the smaller machine, I used my 17 inch machine when possible!  See attached photo.

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I'm trying to estimate a project that involves honing and polishing a really beat up bunch of white marble counters (actually mostly work tables for making candy, but some are the sales counters).  They are in an old candy store and most of the work tables are covered with gook (mostly melted sugar) and have numerous knife scratches and nicks.  the total square footage of the counters is approximately $150.00 square feet. By applying the principals that John taught me, I am coming up with about 39 hours of work. This works out to 5 minutes per every 2 square feet per "cut", time 4 cuts (50, 100, 200 and polish), and an efficiency factor of 65%.  This would take care of the edges.  After looking at these numbers, do I appear on target or have a missed something?  We haven't done that much large scale hand honing and polishing, and when we have, I have had a hard time keeping track of how long it takes.  Also, always wrestling with the size of my driver pads and diamonds (I have experimented with anything from 3" to 7" including the metal plate with the 3 sockets cut in it.  Have never used the three head contraption).  I included some pix below.  Thanks for any advice.

candy pic 1.jpgcandy 2.jpgcandy 3.jpgcandy 4.jpg

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