I would not start at 120 unless there is 50 grit 0r 70 grit scratches or  damage in the stone, I would start at 220 then check to see if I remove the damage, a quick test is always better then honing at a grit lower than needed.


I would  polish with 5X powder but would use a hog hair or tan pad instead of the brush to polish the floor. If you have a good 220 grit diamond in most cases you will be able to polish after the 220 if you don’t get the results you need to go to 400 grit.

I know with the 220 grit triple thick diamonds form Stonecare Central you can polish after a 220 on many stones.  Remember ALL diamonds are not made equal. The diamond depends upon the grading system the manufacturer uses in there diamonds.

John E. Freitag


The Stone and Tile School

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From: Roger Konarski []
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 10:00 PM
To: Restoration and Maintenance
Subject: [sccpartners] Pillow Limestone


I’m biding on a job restoring pillow limestone. The pillow edging on this tile is not as severe as I have worked on other jobs. I was thinking about using 120 /220/400 then 5X with a Tampico Brush in traffic areas. 220 / 400 5X is non traffic areas. This stone is in a lobby of a condo high rise. Appreciate any feedback on my thought process to restoring the stone. Plus suggestions on what would you charge?

See attached pictures! 

My next question is do you think going forward that they could maintain the stone with MB 8 and MB 10.



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