I have used the StoneCare Central Impregnating Sealer. The coverage will depend upon the stone or materials it’s being applied to. The Sandstone is going to absorb some seal. I would say you will probably get around 200 Sq.ft per gallon on that  stone. the second coat will probably cover at the rate of 500 plus sq. ft per gallon.


When yor not sure on the coverage test the stone. clean an area 2X2  then measure out the sealer and apply to that area then based upon the area you can do some simple math and calculate the coverage. Whenever you doing a job that you are not sure of the process or how the stone is going to clean or the seal needed, do a test. Then not only do you have the facts to build your bid upon you have actually done a sample for the customer and they can see the results.



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Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for solvent based (or water based) impregnating neutral (non-color enhancing) stone sealer.  I have been using LIthofin PSI or ASI solvent based pretty much exclusively, but its very expensive and a special order around here.   Also, what do people find are typical coverage rates?  I am currently stripping and sealing pink sandstone floors in a church and the stone is very absorbent.  I am working on a a bid currently and am having a difficult time pricing in the stone sealer.  Am currently working on the assumption of 80 foot coverage (that would be 160 sf for one coat divided by two for two coats) and my cost is about $40 per liter for PSI and $20 per liter for ASI. Thanks.


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