I have a customer in Maui that is complaining about water stains on the floor of her highly polished marble shower. They have a water softener installed, and the company that installed it, tested the water and says that the water is fine. We polished out the mineral buildup and sealed the stone and grout with Limestone & Mable Protector and after about a weeks use, they have heavy duty water deposits on the floor again. They seem to think that we are not using a good impregnator because the spots should be easier to clean off. I explained to them that impregnators keep the stains on the surface but will not do anything about the minerals in the water that are being left behind.

They claim that they have the same marble shower in their home in California, without a water softener and do not have this problem.

Is there a way to prevent the minerals from bonding so well to the polished marble floor? Do you know of a product that will remove these deposits with out harming the polished finish?

Greg Cook