I must concur. I was in a similar situation believing my production manager had to be on each job. We now have a training procedure. Going forward he will be dedicated to quality control and will only go where needed.

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Date: Sat, 15 May 2010 10:30:34 EDT
To: Restoration and Maintenance<>
Subject: [sccpartners] Attention Partners

OK, this comes as a totally unsolicited recommendation toPartners to seriously consider The Stone & Tile School. After spending several years in this business and stressing out about the fact that I felt that I personally , had to be on every job AND stressing out because I felt I had no replicatable system to use to restore stone, I attended Johns school. I can not overstate how his system has changed my life. My jobs are more profitable, my time is more productive and my stress level is way down. Any of you who know me, know that I dont bullshit anyone and I am definitely not selling anything when it comes to this school. If you think you cant afford it, you are wrong. You truly cant afford NOT TO GO.
If I can answer any questions, please call 617-719-8454
Paul Bunis
Boston Stone Restoration

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