Two ways to help eliminate  the grout line turning  lighter,


1.       Be sure to do a good flush on the grout lines with water after you hone each section.

2.       When polishing be sure to do a good flush with a neutral cleaner and water , these process will help control the color changes.


If the grout does lighten you can always dye the black grout using a black leather dye. Apply on the grout line and allow to penetrate then wipe off with a clean dry towel.

Caution, do not allow the dye to set too long.


Note if you are polishing a black floor with black grout you can actually add black concrete dye ( powder form ) to your 5X polishing powder.  Caution do not add to much dye a little goes a LONG way



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One thing to consider if the grout is black. You might want to let them know the the grout lines can lighten when powder polishing. Does not always happen but it can !

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Going to polish a small office of a friend that has black and white marble 12X12 checker pattern, any advice would very appreciated. Thank you

Stephen Webb

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