I have had a similar situaiton and we used a smaller version of the Lull - it was great because we were able to remove a door mullion and get it in the building and put a man box on the forks.  It extended about 20 ft. so we could get over the stairs and manuever around the areas we needed to work on.  The only drawback is ir requires omeone who knows how to operate it, which isn't that difficult with 2 hand controls, and then of course the guy in the box doing the work.  So you end up with 2 people full time on that aaspect o the project but it is worth it because the work goes so much faster with the ability to reach all corners.  You can get them at any local equipment rental place such as Lincoln Contractor Supply.

On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 6:14 AM, Baird Standish <> wrote:
We have a project that requires cleaning a glazed brick wall (was the subject of a past thread), and I think we have the situation under control Except there are some high wall areas (12-18 ft high') on either side of high windows on stair landings.  These areas are not easily reached by ladders due to the precariousness of the situation, a cherry picker won't work and we can't build scaffolding.  Was wondering if anyone has used a device for reaching high areas like this without too much trouble.  We have a Whissper extractor but the wand isn't that long.  the wall has efflourescence in addition to standard grit and grime.  See photo below.  Thanks much, Baird

photo-High Wall.jpg

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