Zev: Whatever you do make sure you get the custy to relieve you of any responsibility. You do not want own that floor. Do a test. Use different abrasives to see what works. Maybe go buy a tile or two and play with it. Then go back to the custy with a solution.
Good Luck.

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 7:45 PM, Zev Guez <zev@stonerestorationplus.com> wrote:
Hi guys I need some help. Just got a phone call customer put down a
polished porcelan tile in a bathroom stall problem is that when
someone is in bathroom you can see over to next stall when you look
down cause there is a reflection . He wants to know if ther is
something to do to the tile to matt it down so ther should not be any
reflection (i guess to get rid of the shine). Any ideas would be
greatly appriciated.
 Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday weekend.

Zev Guez
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