There is also a test kit available at stonecarecentral that will confirm if has Ca binder, its dyed or whatever

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The light marks maybe from a calcium binder that is in the granite and that area actually etched lightly. You may need to hone the granite ( Use Granite Diamonds) I would try starting around a 400 to see if the ring hones out . then hone the area up to 3000 be sure to feather each grit. Then I would polish using a Dark granite polishing powder, crystallizer and steel wool . This should correct you problem. If the etch is not too deep  try jus t polishing it out first. Let me know if you have any questions, sorry for the delay in my response I had class all this week



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I have a client with a jet black Granite countertop.  It has light ring marks from the bottom of glasses and an area that looks like a small spill.  The marks are a very light whitish color that does not show up in a photo.  There is no topical sealer or waxes on the Granite.  Any ideas of what it is and how to correct it?





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