Yes have seen this before..and yes mold can grow on, in and under stone. It can be tricky to fix since you need to get bleach or peroxide down to where the mold is. The main problem is that once the spores are there they can be easily reactivated and the cycle starts over again.

On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 5:05 PM, Don Semi <> wrote:
Pic is of poor quality but the dark splotches are, I think mold.they are everywhere. It is a steam shower, heavily damaged, looks like Botticino Classico. Questions are: Mold on marble, it can happen yes? Is it usually just surface or deeper or is test mandated.

I am probably going to walk from this due to customer looking for a bargain and the whole thing will probably cost more to fix than repair but I am interested in the mold issue.

Thanks in advance.


Don Semi

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